As we’ve acknowledged before, it has been three years since the world has seen a body of work from Pretty Lights, one of our generation’s pioneering producers. We’ve had singles and videos, but only mysterious references to an EP or LP. Well, the wait is finally over. Just last night, Derek Vincent Smith announced that his new entirely self-produced album–samples and all (check out the documentary trailer)–will be released on July 2nd. It’s called A Color Map of the Sun, and after hearing his newest single, it is clear that this LP is what’s going to be in everyone’s headphones all summer.

He teamed up with rapper Talib Kweli for the first single, and it’s “all about slowing down and enjoying the best moments in life,” according to Derek. The song is so distinctively Pretty Lights; it is so satisfying to see him grow as an artist and continue to top the game with new, amazing material As always, he has put it out for free so head over to his site and download the song before his new album comes out this summer.

Also, as we’ve mentioned, this album will be groundbreaking in several areas, so head one over to and read Derek’s own explanation of A Color Map of the Sun.

Download: Around the Block (feat. Talib Kweli) – Pretty Lights

Watch: Pretty Lights – THE MAKING OF a Color Map of the Sun Documentary Trailer

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