Rottun Records, home to one of the most impressive line-ups in modern dubstep (check out their daunting artist roster here), has just featured an impressive and double-loaded EP by up-and-coming bass-sultan Dead Battery. Hailing from Austria, this bass-centric producer delivers a well-needed dose of low and guttural drumstep mayhem within his releases “Bad Monday” and “Twenty4Seven”. The deadly, rolling bass melodies are backed with equally powerful synth-lines and drum hits, which only emphasizes our need to advise discretion towards listening to these sub-wreckers. This EP will be heavy, and it will force you to question any further existence of your speakers ex post facto. Without further adieu, I present to you Dead Battery in one of our favorite releases from him yet, so if you enjoy the heavy vibes then do not hesitate to purchase the EP and show the producer some well needed support!

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