After lots of teasing, we now finally have the new remix we’ve been waiting for by a very hyped about artist. Oh by the way, he also happened to just release a spectacular sophomore album last week. If you’re reading this and haven’t heard the amazing new album from James Blake, GO LISTEN NOW, because it is seriously one of the most amazingly produced albums to come out of any region in a while. And then this song on the side- a song that could be the next huge club jam, and it’s being played on Mala‘s Essential Mix under James Blake‘s moniker Harmonimix. The first time you hear it sounds so familiar but unique at the same time; when those haunting vocals first come in around the 27-second mark, it pierces through your ears and evokes a certain emotion expressed by James Blake. The song is called “Changes” and whether the pun it was intended or not, it changes a lot- certain beats drop in and out while new ones come out of nowhere. But those vocals remain for the duration of the song and they are so impossible to forget. This song is certainly going to be the song that’s replaying in my head and the end of the night, and I don’t mind because I can’t get tired of it.


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