Back in 2012, the notorious Big Ghostface listed Drake as #2 in his annual “Softest Niggas in the Game,” but has since retracted that statement after Drake‘s excellent 2013 releases, “5AM in Toronto” and “Started From the Bottom”. Now Drake is back with a new track, and it’s different from both of the tracks we’ve heard this year, seeing Drake go back to his slowed down singing of “Marvin’s Room” and “Over My Dead Body.” Similar to how Drake flipped Juvenille‘s “Back that Ass Up” into “Practice” on his last album, the chorus relates back to the title and has him singing Destiny’ Child “Say My Name.” While that song is an R&B classic, Drake adds in his own unique flair and makes a track that is arguably just as smooth as Beyonce and her group’s original.

If that Drake song was too soft for you, he also just hopped on DJ Khaled‘s new song with Rick Ross & Lil’ Wayne.

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