Once I saw that the kid Courtney Hall had some new-new out, I was already hyped, but was not expecting the “liveness” of these two bangers. You may remember him from previous tracks that we featured under the name Yng Coupe, but this kids a straight monster no matter what name he goes by. With a flip of Drakes track that is as gutter as the trillest of most trap coming out these days, as well as, a well-rounded almost “house/trap” tune for your summer. Hes got trill sh*t for the hood, as well as the fashion shows. These are definitely 2 tracks to have in the back pocket to whip out when your tryina show-off how exclusive your music collection is, due to the fact that this kid is on his grizzy like none other, but on the cusp of being like Japan in 45′! Stay up on your boy, he won’t dissapoint!

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