Our friend Paper Diamond is gearing up for his next release by giving us a B-side from the upcoming EP.  Paper Diamond (born Alex Botwin) was supposed to have released his new EP today, but he broke news that the EP needed a little extra work.  The new release date for the Paragon EP is slated for next Tuesday, April 23rd.  In the meantime, while we crave more new material from the Boulder, Colorado homie, we will have to let this and past hits suffice.  If you missed it before, Alex has premiered the first two singles from the EP, “They Can’t Tell Me Nothing” (read more here) and the upbeat “XIX ft. Angela McCluskey” (read more here).

If this is just a B-side for the EP, I’m beyond excited to hear what actually will end up on the EP.  “Sleight Of Hand” gives the listener a Pretty Lights feel but with classic Paper Diamond vibes.  The stuttering synth-work in the background of the track gives haunting texture, while the manipulated steel-drums that come in later in the tune provide the perfect compliment to the otherwise flawless tune.  Listen and download below!


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