“The Beauty Surrounds” is the first single from Houses’ new album and Los Angeles’ Easy Girl was contracted for his first official remix for the project.  While Easy Girl’s social media numbers are still low, this doesn’t reflect the quality of music he’s been releasing.  You might remember Easy Girl’s excellent remix to Grimes’ “Genesis (read more and download here) or Easy Girl’s perfect remix to Ellie Goulding’s “I Know You Care” (Read more and download here).

Both of the above remixes are excellent examples of what you’ll hear from Easy Girl in his remix to “The Beauty Surrounds”.  The new remix was premiered by MTV Hive recently but now you have a chance to hear it here.  The original is a dark and somber tune and Easy Girl’s production evokes an even darker side with chillwave type synths, trap-like drums and pitched vocals.  Listen below and download!


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