Do you enjoy ambient sounds layered over strung-out guitars and laced with electronic down-tempo sounds?  Well, if that’s the case, we’ve got an EP for you.  Steve Blair, a Toronto based electronic/ambient artist, releases his third EP entitled, Two, last week.  While I don’t know much about Steve Blair, he filled me on his past releases. He has three official releases: One (2012), Minutes (2012) with CCR, and his latest Two (2013).

Two, sounds like a musical exploration that has been perfected and re-perfected over and over to achieve the highest result.  The best way for me to describe Two would be to compare the release to past Explosions In The Sky material mixed with down-tempo electronic vibes.  It’s quite unique because few people do it so well.  On the EP, “Blue”, “Imagine” and “170” really hit home for me, but the entire release is fantastic and shouldn’t be overlooked for just a single track.

You can purchase the Two EP for just $4 on Bandcamp.


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