65207_548105828541574_220702756_nOriginal material is what most people request, and every so often, remixes get sneezed on and dismissed like they are some sort of black sheep of our little bubble (I’d say “refixes” or “mashups” are my black sheep).  But what about those tracks that are so damn good in their original form, that it seems they cannot be improved upon until a massive remix smacks you in the face like a hangover after a handle of gin?  Such is the case with Sabo’s remix of the old school track dating back to the late 80’s “Roll It Up”.  The original track features simple composition, with a vinyl scratch-a-thon occupying a good majority of the song.  Sabo transforms this classic clap-along into a darker vibed track thanks to deeply low keyed synth chords that loop throughout.  As this version successfully reworked the mood of the original giving it a soft moombah flare, it also serves as an essential piece of the puzzle for Jon Kwest’s “Jack the Moombah Comp” (available for free download below) which focus on 80’s House classics (some of Kwest’s other moombahton compilations include focus on Hip Hop, Jungle and more).  In my opinion, as one of the best moombah compilations since T&A’s “Moombahton Forever“, this pack will plump up your boring library with a dose of rump shakin’ that you may or may not have solicited, grab it now.

Listen / Download : Roll It Up (Sabo Remix) – Success ‘N Effect


Click here to download the entire compilation (via Mediafire)

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