The Dankles is no stranger to K Theory.  A San Francicso based duo that creates just about every genre under the sun.  More recently than ever, they’ve been coming up in the scene.  Playing venues all over the country and slowly getting on festival lineups like SnowBall Music Festival.  I can’t say I know Chrome Wolves too well; what I do know it that it’s one man behind the name and they’re also based on the West Coast in Portland.

This new tune “Stutter” is going to shake up the conventional ideas behind producing trap music.  If electro meet trap and had a baby, this might be the result.  You could think of it as a more complex and developed trap music.  I can’t say the same about Chrome Wolves because I don’t know enough, but it seems that K Theory is on their way to creating some great music that many people will enjoy.  On “Stutter” we get a R&B vocal sample pitched down just enough and the bass kicks come in to rattle the sub.  Listen to the full track below and download.


K Theory on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud
Chrome Wolves on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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