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Edvard Egilsson

edvard.egilssonAs things have become mundane for me in so many ways recently, it’s lead me to enjoying a new shift for me, electronically cinematic produced music.  Leave behind thoughts of harsh violin/string instruments stabbing into high notes to create fear or suspense, tiptoeing in a scene through fear possibly, I am referring to a wave of producers who could turn their respected electronic tracks into score and soundtrack content in major markets.  This stint I’ve been on has led me to Icelandic producer turned L.A. resident, Edvard Egilsson.  An active member of the eclectic art/music group, Steed Lord, Egilsson has turned to a different production style which consists of drawing out a certain emotion (or understanding of an emotion) through subtle and simple compositions that seem more intrinsic and reflective than the wilder side that is Steed.  From piano to percussion to airy synthesizer chords, the lightly spoken tracks are, in my opinion, understated masterpieces.

Listen : Nostalgia – Edvard Egilsson

Listen : The Ravine  – Edvard Egilsson

Edvard Eglisson on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Touch Sensitive

touch.sensitiveTouch Sensitive originally came onto the scene almost a decade ago, and since then has always remained loyal to his trusted “Future Classics” label.  He did really lay a nice one on us on Sunday when he released “Pizza Guy” (below) with the label.  This was probably one of the most unexpected things for me to come across as Touch Sensitive hasn’t released anything in close to a year since his nu disco track “Real Talk”.  The uncomplicated and breezy disco vibe that Touch is known for seems to have just developed further in the latest release.  The element that drew me in to pop Touch Sensitive’s pizza track on repeat is the reverb distortions of bass guitar chords layered over bubbling synths that are structured flawlessly to take you through a more psychedelic experience than a heavy disco journey.  Get to know a fresh direction of disco, which may be perfectly suited for the holiday tomorow.

Listen : Pizza Guy – Touch Sensitive

Listen : Real Talk (ft. Anna Lunoe) – Touch Sensitive

Touch Sensitive on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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