All good things comes to an end, and every door that closes opens a new door.  Such is the case as today we bear witness to the first project released by SAV (formerly of Sazon Booya) who is moving in a different direction as he continues his journey to success.  The release is a three track EP alongside Miami producer, Happy Colors.  Since Happy Colors was able to lend a hand to unload some backed up and unfinished concepts from the Sazon Booya project, SAV features a lot of moombahton, cumbia, and even some bubblin’ aspects.  First, “Calle Luna Calle Boom” infuses bachata and samba samples with the dutch stabbing synths that run at a quicker tempo than “textbook” moombah.  With breaks that can have you two-stepping and swinging in salsa fashion in one moment, and stabs over crackling bass that will have you uncontrollably hip-shaking in the next, this track may transform your mind to a Cuban beach as if you were Jay or Be in an instant.  Second is “Pow Pow”, my preferred track of the project.  I confess that moombahton is very near and dear to my heart, but this low bass tone and simple composition that strays from the “formula” that many producers follow and vary from only once in a blue moon, is refreshing.  The sirens are just a natural part of moombah, so I’m used to them, but the lack of corny bleeps and bloops that too many incorporate into moombahton, yet SAV stays away from, is also a reason I am drawn to this track.  Lastly, what would a SAV release be without Mystereo?  “Drank Erthang” is more of the Saturday night, let’s kick this energy up a notch track.  Rolling drums lead to a massive build that utilize the superhero’s vocal sample to drop to a heavily bassed and jungle-esque assault of the high-pitched, deep hitting synths that could make a newborn baby’s ears bleed (without a doubt) and equally melt your neighborhood bike’s undies to the ground faster than a smile from a gent.  Attention should be paid here as this is just the beginning of a new embarkation of a auspicious solo career for NYC’s favorite, SAV.

Listen : Good Times EP – SAV & Happy Colors

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