As everyone lets their serotonin levels balance back out after an ever depleting weekend of burning down local Boulder producer L. Capone and Local Color have churned up a fresh track that is sure to help you get this week started off on the right foot. While the track was dropped this past Saturday on 4/20 and served as a truly proper anthem for the weekend many of you might have been in too much of a haze to really tune those ears in if you happened across this tune. Twisted up in this hot new track we get a taste of almost everything you could ask for! Starry synths lead us in to a mist laced with dirty south hip hop samples where the grumbling bass soon comes out from the fog and takes you out at the knees. With an ever mellow yet heavy vibe throughout the entirety of the track this is certainly a tune I know a few of you will be shuffling on into your playlists by the end of the day.

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