We try very hard at The Dankles to not allow songs to slip through the cracks but, sometimes not even I can keep up with the amount of music that is released. Earlier this year, we brought you a mix that I still regard as the best 24 minutes of continuous music to put together this year. Every song of this mix was brand new, which is feat I feel hasn’t been done in quite sometime. The person to mastermind such a creation goes by the name of Bot.

You should all be very familiar with his work already seeing that he previously was half of the legendary duo Crookers. Now that Bot is creating music on his own, he released an EP containing two tracks from the mix titled “Vamos” (featuring DJ Orion) and “Go Down.” The latter of the two has been played out on my iPhone more times then I’d care to share due to its infectious beat. Both tracks are available not on Beatport and iTunes and keep a look out for a second EP by Bot in June. Enjoy mes Amis

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