Lazerdisk Party Sex

Everybody likes to hang with people that know how to have a bit of fun. Someone that can bring about a bit of excitement, laughter and downright chaos is just good company to be around. Though I do not know them personally, I feel that the aforementioned characteristics and more can be observed in real life when seeing the dynamic duo that make up Lazerdisk Party Sex. Having dazzled the the eyes and ears of many over the last few years is how they attracted the likes of Diplo to do a collaboration track on his Express Yourself EP. The two have just released one hell of a rump shaking remix to CRNKN X ƱZ “Booty 2 The Ground” that will put some pep in your step this Tuesday. Take a listen and be sure to come see Lazerdisk Party Sex at SpyBar in Chicago on May 2nd! Enjoy mes Amis

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