599430_10152269323916002_25777398_nCarving a niche for himself right into our community is Orlando based producer, Myles Shear, who is known as Nexus.  With a vast majorities of his works being originals, Nexus decided to take a stab at the originally hardstyle mixed with dubstep track brought to us by DJ Shwann and CompleteJ.  Although the original is good in its own right, the composition and progression needed work to perfect the format and bring more unity to the track, which was all squared away once Nexus took ahold of the steering wheel.  Taking a bit of the heaviness out and trading the whomping, looped synthesizer layer for more tranquil piano samples that pop crisply to add a lighter touch, Nexus transforms in a 180 fashion the feeling of the track.  Albeit there is still a presence of the deep dub growls, there is more of a sexy and introverted feeling in Nexus’s version that goes deeper than the original “jump around” feel of the prototype.  Developing into quite a talented producer, Nexus has been earning the respect of numerous big names including nods from Ellie Goulding and Tommie Sunshine directly (on this track in particular).  Later in the day, Nexus will be premiering his newest work on Vibe entitled, “We Got It” (we can’t share yet, sorry, but it’s worth the wait), so keep up as this momentum is not even close to slowing down anytime soon.

Listen / Download : Bushido (Nexus Remix) – DJ Shwann & CompleteJ

Nexus on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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