532980_10151115063061768_605676145_nNero’s newest track, which we were lucky enough to enjoy as an early Tuesday morning treat, is going to form a part of The Great Gatsby movie to premiere two weeks from this Friday (May 10th).  The deep and emotional track is perfectly fitting for such a feature film, and the cinematic depth of the story is transmitted through the song.  Beginning with a woman’s inhalation and exhalation to set the base of the track, a dark (yet not overpowering) drumline is then paired with a looping snare over cloudy synth that hovers in the same low range.  As the vocals develop, so does the composition, incorporating string samples to add the dramatic orchestral feel.  Digesting the lyrics, its no surprise that this track was chosen to narrate part of the twisted world of the Buchanans, the Wilsons, and Carraway through their world of deceit, adultery, selfishness and gluttony.  As I personally am an avid reader and enjoy transporting my mind into another reality through words, I cannot wait for the classic turned modern Leonardo DiCaprio version of the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic that we all grew up on (or pretended we did).

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