If you like fun in your trill sh*t, you’re in for a real treat with this new video. With an upcoming video interview coming out in the next few weeks via The Dankles, it excites me tremendously that this guy just put out something new! Maal A Goomba has been taking the world of hip-hop by storm with his unique approach to swag rap, creating his own niche in what many would have considered a closed box. Trying to compete in this realm can be difficult, but not if you have such a genuinely new and refreshing style such as his. Every time this guy makes a video, I’m always gassed because I’m guaranteed a smile. This video includes his track “Goomba Bounce” with a little taste at the end of his previous video “Gymnastic$” (an absolute favorite of ours here at The Dankles). Don’t miss this guys rise to the top, so stay up on his Facebook, Twitter… etc!

Download The Entire Diana Frances Mixtape Here!!!


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