If there is one this I have learned about the Swedes, it’s that they go hard…very hard.  Think about Dada Life or…all the black metal bands that come from Sweden.  The Swedes have it down to a science and their formula has been copied but never replicated perfectly.  For example take the Swedish duo known as F.O.O.L. (an acronym for Fuck Our Ordinary Lives).  Their name is a motto to live by and their music is for partying to.

Their newest creation comes in the form of a remix of Futurecop!.  F.O.O.L’s  hard hitting electro sounds fit perfectly on this remix.  Starting off with howling wolf sample and rapidly transitioning into a liquid like sound of synths.  Then we get the build up, trance synths take over then followed by the progressive drum beat until the drop.  The drop gives the listener F.O.O.L.’s classic electro sounds with hard gurgling deep bass sounds.  It’s funny how a hard electro track can carry such an feel-good melody, but leave it to F.O.O.L. to take care of that.


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