Today is a special day for us folks over at The Dankles, because we have the honor of bringing you a brand new exclusive EP put together by San Francisco local Aztek. If you haven’t heard of this cat before, prepare yourselves for a downtempo producer you’re sure to see and hear more from in the future. The eight track beast entitled the Wake Up EP shows off the versatility of this young producer in all different aspects of the downtempo beat game. Each song has it’s own personality composed of an array of hollow clicks, starry synth lines, tweaked vocals, and large bass. Track’s like “Let’s Go!” and “Real Love” show off his hyphier/trill sound, while songs like “Wake Up” and his “1-2 step” remix show off his ability to make sexy and relaxing downtempo beats. Each song builds and weaves making the EP making it forever forward flowing and never repetitive. Grab the generous FREE download that he provided us, and make sure to share this EP with your closest friends. They’ll love you for it.

Download: Wake Up EP- Aztek ____________________________
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