The Austin, Texas producer, Govinda, just recently released their “Plant The Seed” single.  Along with the single came ten remixes (a bit much for a single track, but it’s all good).  On the roster for the remixes is Kraddy, Samples, Hobotech, Kaminanda, Derek VanScoten, Nico Luminous, SuperDre, Ruff Hauser, Wala and Mihkal.  While all the remixes hold up on their own, I wanted to focus on our homie Samples.

Listen to the track Samples & M!NT collaborated on and we premiered last week (…read more and listen here…).

Samples is Denver native and has been tearing up the scene for as long as I can remember.  His music transcends boundaries and can simply be categorized as heavy bass music (just the kind we like around here).  On his Govinda remix, he gives his audience just what they needed, crunchy bass sounds.  Right off the bat, Samples gives us a dark vibe, and then the original vocals infiltrate the remix to add an even more ominous feel.  The track suddenly drops and you can’t help but groove to this.  Listen to the track below and listen to the remaining remixes here.


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