Once upon a time, LA producers gLAdiator were deep in the moombahton game.  Slowly rising through the ranks along with many of the producers you still hear from regularly today.  Now, in 2013, the trap movement has showed no signs of slowing down and gLAdiator still holds it down.  The duo known as Stooki Sound, hailing from the United Kingdom, didn’t dabble in any moombahton (to the best of my knowledge), but instead perfected their hip-hop oriented beats until the trap movement came along.

You might remember gLAdiator’s latest outing, a pair of trap tunes, “Ratchet Anthem” and “Shakedown”.  Both of which exemplify gLAdiators more recent talents.  On “Scared Now”, gLAdiator and Stooki Sound come together for yet another trap anthem.  Sampling the lines “Who The Fuck Is Scared Now” like a boss.  Then the tune drops with alarm-like synths and persistent, thumping bass kicks.  If you’re new to trap music, both of these artists are great examples of how it’s done right.  Download the new track below.


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