The duo comprised of Ethan Davis and Josie Martin, better known as Candyland is taking over the electronic music scene by storm.  One reason Candyland popped up on the scene so quickly was because of their Darude “Sandstorm” remix when trap music was new and fresh.  You can also read our interview with Candyland that was conducted last July.

It’s hard to believe a duo that is so loved by their fans is only now getting their first festival tour date.  Even if it is a bit over due, I’m sure Candyland is stoked to be apart of the festivities.  This new remix they’re giving away is in celebration of their festival debut!  Their remix for FMLYBND starts mellow and melodic, even verging on some indie-dance, but the track takes a dark turn when the build up begins.  As the track drops your ears are going to be filled with that classic Candyland bass that comes out of nowhere.  Enjoy!

“In celebration of Candyland’s festival debut this weekend at Meltdown Music Festival, Josie & Ethan have decided to give away a brand new free download of fellow Santa Barbara band FMLYBND’s new single “Electricity” (Candyland Remix).
Download and share this and be sure to catch Josie & Ethan this Saturday @ Meltdown Music Festival GET YOUR TICKETS HERE


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