Phoenix‘s “Entertainment” has only been out for a few weeks, but already there are fans across the country that know every word to the song, and perhaps have even already gotten tired of these overly catchy pop hooks. On top of that, we have seen countless remixes of the track by everyone from Blood Orange to Dinosaur Jr. to Grizzly Bear. The latest indie band to rework the track is the Dirty Projectors from New York, whose members include Amber Coffman, who lent her beautiful vocals to last year’s Major Lazer anthem, “Get Free.” The song isn’t a remix in the sense of most of the remixes that are posted on this site, but instead is an improvement on the original and sounds like an original collaboration between the two. Dirty Projectors loop and layer Phoenix‘s vocals similar to the vain we have heard in many Dirty Projectors songs, and the minimal beats and synths replace the guitar riff during the hook (which is admittedly my least favorite part of the original). As an added bonus, the band has made the track available for free- download it below.

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