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426743_339554229416758_1591204561_nBorn quite some time ago in the now forgotten days when MySpace was awesome (the first go-round) is Nottingham native producer Matt Cutler, who produces under the alias “Lone.”.  With a pretty extensive and impressive back catalogue of releases, Lone. has a style that is something irresistible to me, uniqueness.  Not uniqueness in the sense as like “oh, he’s interesting”, I mean unique like a friend can pop on a Lone. track and I can identify it as one of his works with my eyes closed.  This is not something that you can encounter very often in this community, so it is something that I cherish.  Lone. has that quality about his productions where he intents to transcend the auricular senses and communicate feeling  beyond what reaches the eardrum.  It’s almost as if his productions can reach the other senses, if you allow them.  For example, take “AM Portal” (for free DL below); I can picture the morning grogginess of stumbling around trying to get some early morning water, I can smell the coffee brewing and feel the crispness of a newspaper under my fingers when this track is played.  The track literally converts into my portal to the relaxing mornings that I dream of when dragging myself to the shower so early on a workday/weekday.  Since the basis of music and its foundation is a form of expression, what better way to express feeling and impress audiences than speaking to more than one of the five human senses that we all have in common (for the most part).

Listen / Download : AM Portal – Lone.

Listen : Lenticular Cloud – Lone.

Lone. on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


23725_575418385805201_376200594_nCover your eyes, and you might think that this “Alliance” track (below) produced by British duo, Televisor, and you may mistake this for a Daft Punk or a Madeon track.  Sure, everyone who produces dance music in the past decade or two draw some influence from the great helmeted duo, but not everyone can excel in the very same arena.  Nu disco, funk, whatever you may want to call it, Televisor mess with and manipulate synth lines like most of us manipulate a radio dial, composing some pretty cosmic and rare sounds.  The wailing of electric guitar string samples can be heard throughout most of their tracks as well blending their psychedelic obsession derived from Jimi from the mid to late 60s with their heel clapping, top tip-toeing 70s hangup.  Despite imitation being the most flattering form of admiration, it’d be interesting to see the duo step out of their comfort zone into a new sound to see what would result.

Listen : Alliance – Televisor

Listen : Starlight – Televisor

Televisor on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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