You know that first day of Summer?  You’re fresh out of school, the weather is perfect, not too hot yet.  You and your friends are making endless plans for the next three months.  Everyone wears smiles as if frowns don’t exist.  I imagine the perfect soundtrack to days like these to be uplifting and feel-good.  I imagine a perfect fit would be Little Daylight.

I discovered Little Daylight back when their Facebook fans could be counted on less than two hands.  It baffled me for a while that a trio so good at making music could go unnoticed.  I then started blogging Little Daylight’s endless supply of remixes.  Their Edward Sharpe remix, the Passion Pit remix and more recently their first original “Overdose“.  Their music is the perfect combination of indie-dance and electronic meets pop.  It’s always feel-good and creative.  Now Little Daylight’s numbers are much higher and their music is finally starting to reflect those numbers.  Listen below to their newest original, “Name In Lights”, a drum and vocal driven track that is impossible not to love.

Check the Little Daylight tour dates below and go see them if you can!



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