With all the talk and frenzy about how trap music taking over the US airwaves, many might wonder if the 808/sub-bass style has had any impact on artists in countries outside of our own. We’ve seen and heard glimpses of “the traps” expansion from countries such as Japan, Germany and the Netherlands, but I’ve recently discovered an up and coming Italian artist named Stabber whose recent EP dabbles in the genre quiet well.

Being known as a rather unpleasant individual (says his Facebook Page) has allowed Stabber to take all his aggression and anger out on his music. His latest EP titled Mind Reloader is a perfect example of how one fully flexes the sh*t out of trap music. Hard hitting bass lines, snare snaps out the wahzoo, and a riot insinuating voice sample is what “Abduction” is all about! The song debuted in the latter minutes of Crookers “Miami Jetlag Mix” a few weeks ago and I feel will be played out by more artists in the fast approaching summer months. Take a listen and be sure to grab this fine musical creation on iTunes and Beatport today! Enjoy mes Amis

Stabber on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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