The Kentucky-native Hucci Gurl may be an unknown name to many, but thanks to our friends at Forward Thinking Sounds, she (yeah, it’s a chic) has certainly become a figure to recognize. Despite only one previous release on her SoundCloud, this up-and-comer is making some heavy strides into the trap and future bass scenes, especially with her newest remix of one of our favorite tracks, “Oops” by Tweet & Missy Elliot. Now, in our history of music prowling, we at The Dankles have come to realize that practically any remix of a track by the “Queen of Hip-Hop” is not only worth hearing, but most-likely worth posting too. From RL Grime to Robin Carnage, it seems that each producer just finds an unbelievable amount twerk-ability within each track, and Hucci Gurl‘s latest 808-filled heavy bass remix is certainly no exception. So, without further adieu, we present to you our exclusive release of the one and only Hucci Gurl. Enjoy y’all!

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