Chance The Rapper is a 19 year old Chicago native MC with a mixtape entitled “Acid Rap Mixtape” due to release tomorrow, April 30th. This young singer/rapper has gained a lot of recognition with his #10 day mixtape‘ released last year. Previously, Chance released singles ‘Juice‘ and ‘Acid Rain‘ in anticipation of his ‘Acid Rap Mixtape’  along with this video featuring Ab-Soul.  One of the major changes I’ve noticed in rap over the past few years is the shift in lyrical content from rappers referring to selling mass quantities of drugs to consuming mass quantities of drugs, this song is no exception to this trend. Here he has teamed up with the Top Dawg Ent. lyricist, Ab-Soul, to create a trippy music video featuring lots of smoke and snippets of Chance The Rapper blunt cruising around Chicago. My favorite thing about the rap game right now is the growth in prevalence of pitched-down vocals in choruses and the loss of prevalence in auto-tune. Chance’s verse is sort of in between rapping and singing, similar to some Kid Cudi songs while Soul-o adds in a fire verse filled with his typical sexual innuendos Grab the free download below and stay tuned for this full mixtape tomorrow.

Download Chance The Rapper Smoke Again (Feat. Ab-Soul)


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