When I put this song on for this first time my friend immediately asked “who produced this?” because the amazing, spacey, Flylo-inspired intro immediately pulls you in. Instantly after that, she smiled and said “Ohh, this is Clams,” and I think that is a perfect representation of how unique of a producer Clams Casino really is. Whether he is producing for Lil B, releasing instrumental mixtapes, or pioneering entire new genres, the NJ producer is constantly ahead of the game. Now that we’ve gotten the Clams Casino hype out of the way, let’s talk about who is rapping over this; this isn’t a small group out of the bay area or an emerging rapper out of New York, but this is the famous MF Doom (now stylized as DOOM). I don’t know how I haven’t considered this combination before, but now that it is out this collaboration goes together so amazingly well. Clammy’s chopped-up, slowed-down beat compliments the laid-back, don’t give a fuck vibe that DOOM gives off in his rhymes and it creates a perfect song to close your eyes and jam to or skate around to on a sunny day. No word of an official download yet, but for now listen to it via Clams Casino‘s SoundCloud below.

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