In a time where genres are fusing at ridiculous rates, I would say this EP is coming out at a perfect time. The duo of Producer Zach Cooped (Kuxx) and Victor DiMostsis create the amazing blend of genres under the name King Garbage. The first 4 tracks on this are their pieces under what they call “Ash.” These King garbage tracks are a unique blend of sounds, taking sounds from Lapalux and Teebs to Nine Inch Nails to Jack Johnson. Sounds weird wording it like that, but once your hear what they have put together, you will see how perfect these styles can go together. The latter of the EP are the very properly entitled “Bangers” done completely by Kuxxan SUUM. With some organic while still industrial sounding dance beats, he creates vibes that can be trill, old school, jukey, and damn near hardstyle. Needless to say, these guys are all over the place, and whats not to love!

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