Still don’t know how you’re kicking off your festival season? With that time quickly approaching let us recommend starting off on the west coast at Emissions West Coast Bass Culture from May 17th-19th out in Belden Town, California! If you have yet to hear of the bass about to invade the festival grounds in a few weeks let us enlighten you for just a second. Camp ? and Irie Cartel are gathering the troops once again for a weekend that is assured to be full of great music and beautiful people. Oh and did we mention they’re bringing 60,000 watts of PK sound to rattle your insides all weekend? Yeah, you guys better be stoked. Incase the stellar line up isn’t enough we have hopped on board with Music You Need to bring you a roll call of artist spotlights to bring each and every one of these talented artists to your attention. To kick off our side of things we brought you a hot new mixtape from Stylust Beats yesterday and today we have a brief little Q&A with Pigeon Hole, a couple of raucous Canadian’s that are ready to bring their hip hop laden bass tunes to Emissions!

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TD: Howdy guys, wanna start things off by introducing yourselves to those new viewers//listeners out there?
C:  Yeah, we’re Pigeon Hole and we’re about to be famous.
L:  Get famous or die trying.

TD: You just released your album Chimp Blood on Urbnet last month would you like to highlight anything in particular that went into producing this LP?
L:  Months of micro analyzing, picking apart, and starting over. And a little black magic.

TD: The two of you have a very unique approach to the style of music you produce; do you think this sets you apart from other people getting immersed in the scene?
C:  I think so.  I hope so. We definitely have our own approach to production and how we make songs. Its almost like something we can’t shake. Horrible really.

TD: The sound encapsulated on this release is much different than your earlier material, how has your sound evolved into this new form?
C: First off we were playing shows and knew we wanted material that worked better live. Something more energetic. We were playing festivals and coming across so much good music and new sounds that excited us.  Straight up, shit was just new and exciting to us. We wanted to apply everything we were hyped on to our own music.
L:  I was sold on how the bass could sound like the biggest thing in the world. It made everything we’d made before sound puny. We started there, and then there was just so much more to learn.


TD: You guys will be joining us at Emissions this year as well, are you making any other stops in the states while you’re around?
C:  Not till June. We should be out touring through the west coast then. We’re just flying down for this one. Really hyped to be coming down too.

TD: Any other big shows or plans for the summer?
L:  Yeah, festival season. This summer everything is getting destroyed. We’ll be playing at Shambhala, Tall Trees, Rifflandia, and more. We have EP’s and remixes in the works too.

TD: Thanks for sitting down and chatting with us, any final shout out you’d like to throw in?
C:  No problem, we’re stoked. We come across a lot of good music through you guys.
L:  Big up The Dankles. You guys are rad.

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