Throw all previous knowledge of Brown & Gammon out of the window.  The Circus Records artist first came onto the scene as a heavy dubstep producer, and though he still has dubstep productions coming out in the future, we’ve seen a huge shift in his genre choice.  I never thought I would see Circus Records rep anything other than dubstep, but this is just too good to deny.

If you didn’t get the hint from the above artwork, Brown & Gammon take the 80’s approach on this new tune.  Funky rhythms and catchy lyric samples punctuate the first portion of the track then following up with 80’s sounding synth-work.  Reminiscent of a less serious and more sexy sounding Kavinsky, Brown & Gammon excels in his new approach.  This track is infectious and perfect for late night car rides with your friends.  Download this one now!

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