What a gorgeous day we have been gifted with on this fine May! Whether you’re still buried in snow out here in CO or taking in the sunshine somewhere else on this fine planet I’m sure this most recent feature of ours will brighten your day. To keep with the beat we have been on all week so far we have yet another artist spotlight for Emissions West Coast Bass Culture. Now just a few weeks out Belden Town will be invaded with 60,000 watts of bass to duck, dip, and dive throughout the festival grounds from May 17-19th. Prior to this we have brought out a special mixtape from Stylust Beats and our first spotlight yesterday with Canada’s Pigeon HoleToday we are keeping the ball rolling by introducing you guys to Le Moti! This pair of up and coming producers are ready to bring their fresh take on bass music all the way from the east coast to each and every one of your eardrums. Rest assured, this isn’t the last little treat we’re dishing out to stoke the fire beneath your rumps to get you out to Emissions!

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TD: How’s it going guys, wanna start things off by introducing yourselves to the new viewers out there?
LM: What’s up guys! We are Mason Goldman and Erli Veizi aka Le Moti from Pittsburgh, PA.

TD: Have you always produced as a duo or have you each pursued a solo musical path as well?
LM: We have each been producing under different names/genres of music for a long period of time but in regards to “Le Moti”, yes this project is the first time that we have made music as a duo.

TD: How has it been infiltrating the music scene in Pittsburgh? Do you have many opportunities to share you sound out there?
LM:  Well, so far being only 6 months old our main focus has been production so the studio has been a priority.  As of late we have been focusing on our live performance more now that we have the material down to play out.  The Pittsburgh music scene is definitely on the rise thanks to some great promoters/companies in the area – Shout out to Obvious and BC1. These two companies are the few main ones responsible for bringing some great artists from all over the world to Pittsburgh. We have had the opportinity to share and keep on sharing our music because of everyone’s hard work.


TD: Are there any specific sources you draw influences from when you sit down to produce a track?
Yeah there are definitely a plethora of sounds/harmonies/musical components that we both draw from. We each bring our own elements from our different musical backgrounds which between the two of us, range from playing/studying Bach and Beethoven to Pink Floyd, Biggie and Glitchop. Listening to a lot of music is definitely one of the main factors as to how we can learn from the best and try and create something new and innovative.

TD: You guys just released your latest EP at the end of last month how has that been received by the public so far?
LM: The recent EP “I’m From The Moon” is really when we first started to realize and define what our sound is and where we want to take and be known for in the future. The fact that people really enjoyed it only added to that notion that “yea…this is the sound we are looking for.”

TD: You guys will be trekking across the states for a slot at Emissions very soon, are you excited to be coming out to California?
LM: Yes!! Pretty stoked to share our sound with some great artists/producers/friends out west. Plus who doesn’t get excited to go to Cali? We actually can’t wait to go back after just recently playing Bass Cellar in San Francisco.

TD: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, any last words for the people out there?
We just wanna thank everyone for listening to our sounds and vibing to them the way we do. We got a lot in store and can’t wait to share it with everyone!! Cheers.

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