Photo by Nian Canard

Possibly the biggest and newest genre to emerge over the last few months has been house and bass tunes.  The standard four-on-the-floor beat followed up with big fat basslines.  Producers have been doing it for years, but now, more than ever, it’s catching on in a big way.  Light Year is one of the artists that I’ve noticed catching on more recently.  The fusion of house beats with psuedo-dubstep baselines (not that crazy laser dubstep) makes for one hell of a sound and it’s something I really want to hear live!

Light Year caught my attention for the first time when HARD presents debuted a exclusive mix leading up to last years Hard Summer event.  I was taken back by how innovative and different the house music was.  It wasn’t cliche or boring, but a breathe of fresh air in a genre I am very picky about.  Light Year released his “Bliss” single via Itunes on April 16th, but for a limited time, Light Year is giving away his dub mix of the tune, which, if I do saw so myself, is an excellent rendition.  So give Light Year a chance and download his new tune below!


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