I don’t know about you, but ever since Lapalux’s Nostalchic dropped last March, I’ve been obsessing over the album.  I begin my day with album tracks like “IAMSYS” and end my days with tracks like “Guuurl”.  If you’re a fan of feel-good, spacey beats that are textured and ever-so delicately, then you can’t go wrong with Lapalux’s new album (preview and purchase).  The young Brainfeeder artists is obviously onto something very special and unique here.

Today, Lapalux premiers a new remix of Tythe via XLR8R.  Stated in the XLR8R article, “Careless Woman” is the first single from London producer Tythe.  Lapalux and Throwing Snow had the opprotunity to remix the track.  Lapalux’s rendition starts off in a synth-drone atmosphere of field recordings and sampled bleeps/bloops.  Slowly progressing toward a climax, Lapalux gradually brings in a slow and off-time drum beat which leads us to a beautiful beat mid-way through the track.  Lapalux’s ability to create such depth of emotion by combining all these random elements produces some truly great music.


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