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Rynecologist, aka Ryne Monleon, is Canada’s gift to the Boyz Noize crew.  With in interest in music and producing from a very young age, Rynecologist has been in this scene for quite a while, but still remains fairly unknown.  When I first heard his “Kicker” collab with Strip Steve (below), I was blown away by the way that simple, everyday sounds can come together to create music.  Literally, everything from the kick, toms, and the claps are all drawn from sampling a game of foosball (I would have first guessed ping pong).  Even if you dig a little deeper into his other works, that range from Ed Banger to Dim Mak releases, you’ll notice that one common denominator, the not overly compressed or overly complicated composition of a melody that somehow just makes sense.  Beyond appealing the the eardrums and the mind, it’s quite impossible to not get that involuntary twitch that’ll manifest in at least a constant foot tap, if not an all-out need to pop it.

Listen : Kicker – Rynecologist & Strip Steve

Listen / Download : XTC (Rynecologist Remix) – Boyz Noize

Rynecologist on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Crown Duels

379680_505586176159749_337485596_nCrown Duels is a duo that hails from the UK and are beginning to gain some attention in their favorite arena, house.  Brought together by the rush that playing live brings, they’ve been feverishly perfecting their craft and sweetening their sound for the past year or so.  Now ready to make 2013 the year that they rise to the public eye, they’re steadily releasing both original tracks and remixes for Mad Villians, and more.  From deep bass tracks that explore dark feelings to female, chopped vocal infused and sliding synth chord based tracks, Crown Duels has something that can appeal to any listener’s ears.

Listen/Download : Throw Your Head Back – Crown Duels

Listen : Gossip – Crown Duels

Crown Duels on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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