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Dim Mak records is hopping on the free tune train these days.  Giving away a free tune via their soundcloud page every Friday.  I can’t complain, and I’m sure Dim Mak fans won’t mind a bit either.  This Friday Dim Mak gives us Blende’s remix of Azari & III’s “Lost In Time”.  Blende is a Swedish producer with a knack for disco-infused tunes, just like the one below.  Blende’s remix takes us on a nu-disco journey from start to finish.  Starting off with a few chords and a solid house beat, we are soon introduced to the repeated “Lost In Time” sample.  Soon the funky and thick bassline appears on the track and followed up by little licks off the guitar.  You can’t go wrong with this track for your Friday afternoon!

A message from Dim Mak records…

Dim Mak’s Bringing A New Meaning To #FF — Presenting#FreeFriday Series

To all our avid Twitter followers, and frequents of the #FFshoutouts, we have adorned a whole new meaning towards this overused Friday chant-off… Presenting #FreeFriday. Starting on Friday the 13th, we will be giving away a different track, possibly unreleased, rare, old, new or wherever in between, on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. As bit-rate quality seems to be a common concern for anything ‘given away’, all downloads will be offered in 320kbps. This means you’ll be able to bring something new to the dancefloor each weekend in full mp3 luxury.

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