Last week we kicked off our festival season over here at The Dankles! Though we have yet to actually hit the road and romp around any quite yet we finally began to unveil our artist spotlights for Emissions West Coast Bass Culture along with our friends over at Music You Need. We have a whole slew of these up our sleeves so be sure to keep you eyes peeled for new spotlights all week! We just might have another few surprises in our pockets as the days tick by, bringing Emissions that much closer. To kick off this week we are dropping the curtains on our little chat we got to have with west coast bass fiend Trevor Kelly. Now Mr. Kelly is one of those producers who has a very wide breadth of style in his material; whether its gut churning dubstep or trill juked out beats this guy just has a knack for it all. Get to know a little more about Trevor Kelly below and we look forward to seeing all your lovely faces out in Belden Town on May 17-19th!!

TD: Some readers out there tend to be a little curious, would you mind getting things rolling by introducing yourself for us briefly?
TK: Trevor Kelly.  Reside up and down the coast of California,  but mainly in the Bay Area!  I’ve been adamant about my pursuit in electronic music and sound design since first performing back in 2007.

TD: You tend to be all over the place when it comes to the flavors your slip into your music, where do you tend to draw influences from when you sit down to produce?
TK: When it comes to inspiration I draw from years immersed in various music genres… ranging from Dub to Hardcore, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Drum n’ Bass.  I tend to use different elements from all the genre’s I’ve worked with to create my overall synthesis. I’ve had a lot of love for various Norwegian Trip-Hop producers over the years such as Arts The Beatdoctor; Plenty of Dub.. can’t have enough Tubby. When it comes to the modern influence on my music, I’m continuously driven by my fellow producer-homies, Taso, Yheti, G Jones, Doses, Caidence, Bleep Bloop…just to name a few ; ).  I have also drawn much inspiration from across the sea from heads like Jakes, Requake, J:Kenzo and more.   I’ve had Mr. Carmack and Edgewoode on repeat lately =)

TD: We noticed you collaborate with a hefty amount of artists on tracks, is there a certain aspect of working on a track with another artist that you truly enjoy?
TK: I produce a fair amount of original music, and think collaborations are an awesome opportunity to push the limitations of sound!  I’m so stoked to play and produce alongside other like-minded musicians! I strive to continue bridging musical worlds and crossing boundaries.

TD: You definitely don’t keep yourself in a box when it comes to the sound you produce, is variety something you like to keep up constantly in your music?
TK: Variety is the spice of life!  I can’t help but continue to reinvent my sound! There is so much inspiration to draw from in this day and age !


TD: We just saw your latest release over on Irie Cartel a few months back, what can we look to see from you over the course of 2013?
TK: I’ve been on lockdown with my production for the past 5 or 6 months.  I’ve got a myriad of new tunes and releases ready for the summer!  Expect releases on Street Ritual, SubStruk Records, 710, Irie Cartel, and a free EP !  I’ve also recently finished up my two latest LP’s to debut @ EMISSIONS 2013! Keep your Ears WIDE =)!

TD: Aside from crushing this set at Emissions in a few weeks do you have anything else on your agenda for the upcoming summer?
I just came back from 2 months around the US.  I CANNOT wait for Emissions 2013…Debuting an all original set of my new material!.. with a possible Live Instrumentation addition!  I’ll be performing at Filth of July, $moke $ignals, and more TBA.  And Starting in August, I am 1 of 3 Producer/DJ’s to be part of The Documentary Film Tour called “Bass Race Road Trip” with Gangsta Fun and Sick or Well, hitting 30 Cities around the US.

TD: Any last words you would like to throw in here to wrap things up?
BIG UPS TO THE DANKLES! BIG UPS TO MY FAM @ CAMP? AND IRIE CARTEL. Shout outs and so much love to every bass goer out there! ..and I cannot wait to MEET YOU THIS SUMMER at one of the many shows or festivals I’ll be performing at! STAY TUNED and check my Soundcloud for all the latest RELEASES and NEWS! 1 love…Bless!


Trevor Kelly on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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