It’s really not everyday you can wake up and find a new Bloody Beetroots remix in your inbox.  Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, the front man and all-around producer for The Bloody Beetroots is gear up for his Spring Tour, which is rapidly approaching its first date, on May 17th in Washington.  The Bloody Beetroots, whether they’re playing a live show with the full band or it’s just a DJ set, you can bet that you’re going to be jumping the entire set.  Bloody Beetroots brings a unique energy few people in the dance music world have ever replicated.  Their style of electro-thrash meets dance punk makes for some crazy results.

On The Bloody Beetroots newest remix, we are given another punk meets dance music track.  Sir Bob remixes Killing Joke for surprisingly awesome results.  Give this remix a few rinses because the first time I listened I was very confused, but this track really grows on you.

What Sir Bob Cornelius had to say about the track…

Well… good morning my dearest’s, I thought I’d share with you a moment to reflect on the music. And yes, we have to do this because taking a moment to reflect in a world where everything moves so fast is necessary.
This is the remix I made last year for the legendary post-punk band Killing Joke, it was released and will only ever be released on vinyl.
Without Killing Joke you and i would never have heard of bands like Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Faith No More & Nine Inch Nails (just to name a few).
I had the pleasure of working in the studio with Martin “YOUTH” Glover, and that was one of the experiences that helped me grow as artist, a man & a producer. I hope when you listen to this remix it opens the door to something new.
I love you all. Be Strong. Be passionate.
Sir Bob.



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