What happens when two well-established dubstep heavyweights come together to produce an EP  in the current age of electronic music? You have yourself the same bass sound with the addition of some crisp snares, synth symphonies, and a dash of some 808. Essentially what 12th Planet and Mayhem have created is one damn good two track trapstep EP for you to bump to this Monday.

The track titled “Murdaaa” does nothing sort of assaulting your eardrums repetitively and vigorously for 3 minutes. You can distinctively hear how 12th Planet and Mayhem both flexed their unique skills on the track as well. The second song “Whoops” is more of love song that is trapped the hell out (think Diplo’s remix of ‘Sweet Nothing’) and features a lovely set of vocals from PennyBirdRabbit. Both of this tracks are available to download via SMOG on May 7th (a.k.a TOMORROW)! Enjoy mes Amis

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