I just got out of a Chinese history final about an hour ago, so as you can imagine I was not in a good mood. However, whenever Soulection puts out a new song it has the power to lift my spirits  tremendously and that is exactly what we have here with the latest remix by Esta. Over the past few months, the label Soulection has been putting out some seriously swaggin’ tunes that few others can match. With that being said, Esta has provided us with a smoothed out re-fix of Maxwell‘s “Sumthin Sumthin”. While staying true to this sexy R&B original, Esta has created an entirely different sound on his remix, making it his own. Through the addition of a hip hop drum kit and looping of the original keys and vocals, Esta has successfully added the swag to Maxwell’s sexy “Sumthin Sumthin”. This track was re-fixed from a smooth song to get pregnant while listening into this dynamic track that inspires a much higher energy level than the original.


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