Specerij (TMH Space and Ride Bootleg)

Who doesn’t hate Mondays? Honestly! Whether we’re back at work or stuck in the dreaded week of final exams, it may seem impossible for us to rise from the ashes of last weekend’s festivities and return to the world of responsibility and discipline. Well, we’ve got a little remedy for that contagious sickness we like to call “A case of the Mondays”, and it goes by the name of TMHTMH is a very familiar face to us here at The Dankles, specifically for his collection of moombahton remixes to EDM chart-toppers. Today however, we spotlight his newest remix of a lesser known track called Specerij by Regtur & Darkside. This dancefloor-certified moombahton jam is perfect for a dance party or club floor, as it has one of the best builds I have heard in a while. TMH utilizes all the right tools to make the vocal samples and burning synth chords bring the FIRE to your ears and body, and you will not be able to withhold the urge to dance when you hear it. I can tell you that even the sleepiest of party-animals will not be able to resist the grooves and melody of this new jam, and for free download, how better way is there to start the week? So get your self that free download and get your dance on!

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