Jaw Jam has honestly been bringing us some of the freshest music imaginable for a while now, and if you haven’t realized this yet, that is just sad. When I use the term freshest, I use it in every possible meaning, from being the most refreshing new sounds, to the classiest sexy-swag imaginable. This new EP dropped on Tuff Wax is just another amazing piece of all that is Jaw Jam, showcasing his unique blend of house music, with future garage and down-tempo-synth-swagger (much like 123MRK) all wrapped up in a unique style which the New Jersey native has coined “The Truth.” Spending all this time in school in Oberlin, Ohio must be doing something good for him, because this kid has not been slowing down in the slightest! Stay up on the kid and be sure to grab his first ever 12″ vinyl of this one, you most definitely won’t be disappointed.


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