The Chainsmokers, a duo from New York comprised of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart are here to give you one infectious remix.  As Phoenix is gearing up for their sophomore release, the remixes of every genre are starting to roll in.  We’ve heard new remixes from Hot Natured, RAC and The Dirty Projectors.  All of which give Phoenix stellar results.  The Chainsmokers are known for their unique approach using progessive house beats and indie-dance originals to give you the perfect mixture of indie-dance ready for the dancefloor.  The tune starts off in stylish fashion a slow build of the drum beat and guitar work from Phoenix’s original.  Soon the original and unaltered lyrics appear on the track. The Chainsmokers add an infectious synth-melody that characterizes the track perfectly.  Download this one now.

The Chainsmokers added…

“We opened our gmail and were surprised to receive these stems for the tune… I mean its bloody Phoenix, if you get Phoenix stems you get excited and use them ASAP. That aside, Phoenix has one of the most unique popular sounds in music and Thomas Mars’ voice has to be one of the most recognizable so to have an opportunity to put a Chainsmoker’s touch on one of their songs was really a treat, particularly since our focus thus far has been this blending of progressive house/dance, indie music and pop music sounds and no band exemplifies that more than a band like Phoenix…”

Quickie from our Landlord about the song ” This is your final noise complaint warning, don’t fuck with me”


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