Recently we have had the opportunity to connect with some very talented artists that are making a very steady come up in their respective scenes of music. Our most current run has been an up and coming sound texturist that goes by the moniker Capeface. Though Capeface may be on some of your radars as it is if you delve into the realms of down-tempo textured lullabies it certainly wouldn’t surprise us if you have yet to hear of this young producer that’s working hard to create a sound he can call his own. We were lucky enough to snag Tom for a brief little chat and see how he has been getting his musical career on track and what else he has going on at the moment. He was also gracious enough to gift us a special exclusive tune he just finished up to share with you guys in addition to this interview.

TD: To get things rolling would you like to take a second and introduce yourself?
Capeface: Hello, I’m Tom, 20 years old, living and creating music in Guildford and studying Creative Music Technology at Surrey University.

TD: Being a fairly fresh face to the scene what is your background in the music world prior to making down-tempo electronic soundscapes?
C: I used to write electro house with a fellow student (now known as Thology) and then a year ago decided to try something that allowed for some new and different musical ideas, and took it from there really!

TD: Being that you’re based in the UK have you been surprised at how your music has traveled to infiltrate ears around the world? 
C: Yeah it really shows the power of social networking! I had a large following in Italy for a while purely on my Coldplay and Bon Iver Remix, I still have no idea why …


TD: This is a pretty standard question of ours but what is your usual set up when it comes to sitting down to produce? And how about in a live show setting?
C: Haha my set up is extremely poor! I use a dilapidated version of Logic, it has a distinct lack of instruments, so it’s meant that I’ve had to use audio for most of the stuff I do; I record that with my Mac mic too. I should really invest in some proper equipment soon.

Personally I don’t do live shows, I just DJ some of my songs, but it’s something that I wish I had the time/patience to do.

TD: You have truly tapped into a great vein with the style of music you have been producing thus far; what pushed you in the direction of composing this type of music in the first place?
C: Mostly the work of my peers. I’m very lucky to be surrounded by some very talented people, and it’s inspired me to write tunes that are just as good.

TD: You gifted us a little tune to wrap up in this feature, anything you would like to note about why you chose this track and what went into making it?
C: This one’s just freshly done, I’ve tried out some new writing methods in it so I hope you enjoy it! It features a lot of bits that were lying around on my table to get some interesting textures in there (resulted in a little bit of tea being spilt on my mac, hence the name!)


TD: We have already seen an EP from you that you dropped for free, what else can we look to see in the future for Capeface?
C: Well along the Capeface lines, EP 2 should be done by the beginning of summer, its well underway. A collab with Evil Zed (https://soundcloud.com/the-evil-zed) should be coming out soon when we add the final touches to it. Along a different line however, Thology (https://soundcloud.com/thology) and I have teamed up to create ‘Capology‘, writing some tech house tunes with our first tune to come out on May the 4th with a slight Star Wars hint to it …

TD: When you aren’t churning out tunes, what are a couple thing you might be found occupying your time with?
C: I like to cook. A lot. Sometimes it comes out ok, other times its just pretty bizarre! But yeah that’s my second creative outlet, sorry to anyone that had to face the brunt of some culinary experiments …

TD: If you could pick a song to represent how 2013 has been rolling along so far what might that be?
C: It has to be my good friend Tarquin‘s ‘Oops’ remix. Keep your eyes peeled for this chap!

TD: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, any last words for those people out there?
C: Thanks for listening! and a little pearl of wisdom I was recently left with after a competition; ‘always chop the vegetables before you have the first gin of the day’

Last time you attended a show you didn’t play at

Last time eating something weird
Kiwi berries, of which I highly recommend

Last CD/vinyl you bought
Star Wars Trilogy Soundtrack vinyl for £1. Chuffed.

Last track you listened to
Moods – Noyce

Last time you were forced into something
Buying a ‘special’ T shirt

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