Zedd is hands down my favorite producer in this scene, and has been ever since he was producing dance music.  This is due to many reasons, but the most prominent being, real talent.  Zedd didn’t decide to learn to scratch one day, or pick up Ableton and begin to experiment and say “hey well this seems fun, let’s keep producing”.  Besides having produced monster tracks outside of the our bubble for the likes of Lady Gaga, Eva Simons, his classically trained versatility stems beyond what’s popular / what sells (case & point: his Letterman appearance).  After the release of the Clarity album, we’ve been waiting for another piece of Zedd, and were donned this gift packaged as a high-energy remix just a few minutes ago.  Without knowledge that our favorite German had produced this track, just listening to it is enough to identift the genius.  His signature bass structure, and synth snare are glittered throughout the remix of “Alive”.  As per usual, going outside of the box, Zedd maintains the original powerful elements of the work by Empire Of The Sun, like the guitar riff, but pairs these elements with his trademark drum build up section, breaks, and rolling bass lines.  A perfect track for quitting time at the end of the day, pump this gem from the car to be brought back to life after being broken down by the mundane motions of a regular Tuesday.

Listen : Alive (Zedd Remix) – Empire Of The Sun

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