The ball’s continuing on rolling today! To follow up on the wake of the little spotlight on Trevor Kelly we posted yesterday; another west coast bass producer has taken a second to catch us up about Emissions! Skulltrane comes at us from Detroit originally but now that she’s nice and cozy out in the Bay Area she seems to be settled in pretty nicely. If this is the first whiff of our Emissions artist spotlights you’re catching then we’d highly advise you take a second a lend us an ear. Coming up on May 17th the Camp? and Irie Cartel crews will be embarking on invading your ears with bass for an entire weekend with a massive sound system to back it up. Emissions West Coast Bass Culture is rounding up the cream of the crop when it comes to bass music producers and letting them loose on the public. They have gotten together artists from both ends of the spectrum so come expecting to hear some new music! If you have yet to swoop your tickets for the weekend follow the link below after you get to pick Skulltrane’s brain a bit.

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TD: To start things off a little more lax, how has the week been going on your end of things?
Skulltrane: Oohhh shiit… I just celebrated my birthday last week; which turned into an epic weeklong journey of champagne, slaying parties and a ridiculous amount of laughs. I played 4 shows in one week; started in Santa Cruz at DASSWASSUP then ended the week at the Emissions Pre-Party at 1015 Folsom and got to play alongside ARAABMUZIK, HEROES x VILLAINS & LOUDPVCK. I couldn’t have wished for a better birthday. I’m STILL smiling!

TD: Would you mind introducing yourself to those possible unknowing readers on the other side?
S: My name is Carolyn.. well ..  Skulltrane. Its funny, sometimes people will call me by my first name and at this point it takes a few seconds for it to register in my brain that I have this other name from my previous life, my first name. I am an Electronic Music Producer, Performer, and Graphic Designer all rolled up into one, lets say, “eclectic being.”.  A little over 5 years ago I migrated here to San Francisco from Michigan just outside the city of Detroit. I moved here to work for a couple magazines in the city as a designer. As soon as I arrived almost immediately went on a hunt. I found the music, the people, and the scene that spoke to me the most. I soon rediscovered my passion for wanting to produce and perform music that has driven my very existence. Prior to that I was the shy weird bedroom type of DJ with the vision. But, never quite had the proverbial balls to do it. Soon after arriving here I felt like an entirely new person with a new life and quickly quit my job at the magazine and went THE FULL HUNDO%. I started making mixes and getting gigs and DJing out. I absolutely live every moment of my life for music. Shiiit.. the majority of my design work has been based around music, posters for festivals, logos for artist, album artwork etc.


TD: How does having roots in Detroit influence the style of music you grind out in the studio?
S: Detroit House, GhettoTech, IDM and Minimal Techno had been the majority of the music I listened to while growing up hanging out in the Detroit scene. Alongside Hip-Hop and of course some Death Metal sprinkled in there. Music styles certainly have their geographical flavors to them and the Detroit style specifically to me had this minimalist, surreal, industrial type of beautiful madness to it that totally defined me as an artist and as a musician and really as a person. I latched onto the repetitive get-into-your-head 4/4 beats, weird vocal samples and sequenced synthesizers. While my tastes have evolved over the years I feel like I have retained those parts of that music that I have related to the most and have incorporated them into my own personal style. 

TD: Has moving to the bay area influenced your musical vision at all?
S: I moved out here and everything changed. I heard music that I had never heard before being played on huge sound systems and the majority of the artists were relatively unknown to me. My mind was blown. Then I discovered the West Coast Festival scene. I went to Raindance, Symbiosis, Lighting in a Bottle, Emissions, Burning Man. I had been to campout parties in Michigan plenty of times. But, here it is a whole lifestyle its your friends your family your art all put in one place centered around the most epic music I had ever heard. It was really different and psychedelic as FUUUCK! I felt like I finally landed on the right planet with my musical tastes and values.

TD: Do you think being a chick in a sea of mostly male producers tends to turn peoples heads at points?
S: Most definitely! But, Its strange it has it moments when turns heads and then sometimes turns them away. Honestly, For the most part I feel that I have had a really balanced experience with music. There are clearly a lot more male producers but in the same vein I have never seen so many up and coming badass chicks doing their thaang and its hard and its heavy! Music is a great step to smash that gender biased shit in my opinion. The more I do not give a fuck and just keep doing my thing. The less people that I interact with seem to give it any thought. Which in turn gives me more confidence in what im doing. In my own mind i am trying to keep that whole situation as neutral as possible, not even give it a thought and just let the music and performance be, than I can just be.


TD: You recently teamed up with MalLabel Music for your latest release ‘Robot Knew Life’, how was it working with the team over there?
S: Mal and the whole label she has built is just amazing! I met her before she started the label and have watched it grow from ground up. She has given not only me but countless others many amazing opportunities throughout the years. On top of that, she is always making bigger and bigger moves, which is personally super inspiring. Mal just signed a new tune from Too Short and I am honored that she having me be one of the producers to be doing an official remix. I dont know if a lot of labels of that size doing such big things. But, Mal is definitely a force.

TD: Thanks for humoring us with your time! Any last words you’d like to slip on in?
S: Oooooooh yesss… ((AIRHORNS)) [CREW SHOUT OUTS!!] ((AIRHORNS))

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