Everyone has their favorite music label, and whenever this special label releases something it causes a surge of excitement to listen to whatever gem was brought into light. For me this favorite label is without question Flying Lotus‘s Brainfeeder, and the so-called gem this morning is “Oh Sheit it’s X” by bass guru Thundercat, born Stephen Bruner. Thundercat has announced the release of his album, Apocalypse, for June 4th with Flying Lotus being the executive producer. This song is characterized by a strutting, funky baseline that picks up right at the start and keeps you grooving throughout. The disco strings alongside the smooth vocals proclaiming “I just wanna party, you should be here with me // I’m on Ecstasy” work to create a sound as if it were out of a disco time machine. Basically this is like the Brainfeeder version of “Get Lucky”, so go get down to this.

Tracklist for Apocalypse:

01 Tenfold
02 Heartbreaks + Setbacks
03 The Life Aquatic
04 Special Stage
05 Tron Song
06 Seven
07 Oh Sheit It’s X
08 Without You
09 Lotus and the Jondy
10 Evangelion
11 We’ll Die
12 A Message for Austin / Praise the Lord / Enter the Void


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