Muahaha the wave won’t cease! To add to the second week of Emissions West Coast Bass Culture spotlights we managed to wrangle in the elusive Trill Murray for a brief little brain picking. Having had the chance to chat up this mystery man once before we cut the small talk and got right to what he has been up to lately. It has probably already already clicked for you that this masked trill villan will be reeking a little havoc out in Belden Town in a few weeks but if it hasn’t, here’s your wake up call! Backed by 65,000 watts of sound crafted to make you guts rumble; everyone in attendance is without a doubt going to have a hard time leaving the dance floor. Take a few minutes and meet another one of the talented producers on the line up and grab some free flavors from Mr.Murray while you’re at it!


TD: It has been a good while since we had the opportunity to chat you up last, how has the world been treating you Mr. Murray?
TM: Yes it has.  Man where to start.  Buying shoes, smoking weed, plotting my take over, and joining the Illuminati; Muahaha. Since last time we talked I have since ceased writing music under my other moniker kind of focusing on this project right now, as it has become my main focus.  I’ve got tons of new music but have been reserving it instead of just releasing whatever is finished cause I am aiming more towards quality over quantity right now.  I would rather you listen to 5 really awesome tracks instead of listening to 10 ok tracks with 1 or 2 really good ones.

TD: You dropped the curtains on this project just about this time last year, have you been impressed with how quickly things picked up steam?
TM: Almost a year not quite yet 😉 Honestly I never thought it would have gotten this much attention in a short amount of time it’s cool in the sense that anything is possible.  The steam picked up fast as it has low key been slowing down and coming to a steady stream now, which is good and bad.  It’s good in the sense it gives me a break to re assess what I am doing and it is bad in the sense that the hype isn’t as hard as it came out with, but I have everyone’s attention now which is good.  But I’m not worried I got tricks up my sleeve that will bring the hype back through my music. It’s all a rollercoaster ride…..

trill head

TD: With two fully stacked releases and handfuls of other tunes under your belt already what can we look to see from you next?
TM: Well to be honest the 2nd album I released to me was a little embarrassing in the sense that I had to meet a deadline and I pushed the tracks out and pressured myself too much from the already surrounding hype I got too into my head space so I had to stop and re assess what I was doing and I talked to my manager and told him I never want to have any more deadlines again so I’ve sort of come back to square one and back to where I was when I started this project which is where I love to be.

I’m trying to get a mixtape out there with all new unreleased originals and some of my favorite tracks in the game right now just gotta finish a few more tunes.

I’m also currently working on a new studio album that I have been keeping the songs a secret.  Not even my manager has really heard any of it and I send him everything.  I’m also trying to get some remixes under my belt and some bootleg remix series going.  Getting some new merchandise set up soon.  Also started production on a music video that I will be holding on to till the album comes out to help promote it.

TD: We will be looking to catch you out at Emissions in a couple weeks, have you had a lot of opportunities to perform live under this new moniker over the past year?
TM: I’ve had a decent amount that have all been very successful and beyond fun.  My next show is in Hollywood opening up for MartyParty a day before I head to (probably my favorite festival of all time) Emissions, which I’m really stoaked about cause his camp got in touch with my camp and wanted me specifically, which was super doap and inspiring I’m a huge fan of his.

I also keep getting random offers that kind of never go anywhere which can be hard at times cause I know I got fans in those areas that would love to see me come out to their town but it’s all about the promoters. Been trying to get my name out to some promoters around the US more so hopefully I’m in your neighborhood or moms basement soon.

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TD: One thing I happened to pick up on is that you haven’t collaborated with many other producers on tracks yet, am I suffering from poor vision or have we just yet to see anything in those regards from you?
TM: Well the thing with collaborations is that they come in seasons.  Right now I’m kind of in my own season. I’m on one right now and I don’t really want to interrupt that.

With that said, I have collaborated with other artists before but sometimes our styles just don’t match up and it just becomes this like conflicting sound.  I do however have a few collabs in the works with a few of your favorite artists yet to be mentioned but we are just waiting on the right time to get the tracks going when our seasons align.  I’ve attempted to reach out to people for collabs but I have since refrained from looking for people to write with and more so have just been letting them happen organically. It will happen sooner than later don’t fret. 😉

TD: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us again over here at The Dankles, any last words for the fans out there?
TM: Drink Tea not Coffee.
Keep it real and don’t tell mom the babysitter’s dead.

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